Religious Education

Our Religious Education curriculum, which is a compulsory programme for all students from years 7-12, is developed in accordance with the Religious Education Curriculum for the Diocese of Sale.

All of our Religious Education curriculum, from years 7-12, builds an understanding in our students of the Christian story and experience, the Catholic faith and offers hands on social justice experiences that help our students understand the role of Christian service in the world today.

Years 7 to 9

From years 7-9 our students are immersed in learning activities that help them understand Jesus, the early Church, the Sacraments of the Catholic Church as well as the role of faith and religion in our world today.

Years 10 to 12

From years 10-12, students may choose to become a part of our Liturgical Choir or enrol in a youth ministry elective (CSYMA). Year 10 students who do not undertake these electives continue with the core RE curriculum.

Our VCE students can elect to either continue with, or join, the Liturgical Choir or CSYMA. Others complete the first two units of the VCE study Religion and Society over their two year VCE cycle.