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Bell Times

In 2018 Lavalla Catholic College will be moving from a 4 period day to a 5 period day in a 10-day cyclic timetable. This change has come about after a period of research, consultation and discernment.  While there are a number of reasons for this change, essentially is it is seen as another tool to improve student learning.  

The change to the structure of the day will not impact on start or finish times: 
8:45am start, 3:15pm finish

Reasons for the Change


  • To intensify our focus on Mathematics and Literacy.  While the 5 period day will increase the time given to English and Maths in years 7-10, its real impact will be in the frequency of lessons. Students and teachers will meet for slightly shorter periods but they will meet more often. Some examples:
    • Year 12 English classes will meet with teachers 7 out of 10 days rather than the current 6 out of 10.
    • Year 7 Maths classes will meet with teachers 8 out of 10 days rather than the current 5 out of 10 days.
  • To align bell times across the college 
Description of Bell Bell Time
1st Bell 8:45am
Homeroom / LA 8:50am - 9:08am
Lunch 1:31pm - 2:12pm
Period 1 9:10am - 10:08am
Period 2 10:10am - 11:08am
Period 3 11:33am - 12:31pm
Period 4 12:33pm - 1:31pm
Period 5 2:17pm - 3:15pm
Recess 11:08am - 11:28am

At the beginning of 2018, students will receive timetables which reflect this new arrangement. Throughout the year we will monitor student progress to assess the effect of the 5 period day. During Learning Block meetings parents will be invited to offer feedback about the impact of this change.